ERM opened its Seoul, South Korea office in 1999. South Korea has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental improvement as it opens its markets and continues to be one of the leading economies in Asia.

Our strong team are bilingual, familiar with local regulatory requirements and international standards and have extensive knowledge and experiences of sustainability issues faced in today’s business environment. Working along side ERM’s global network of 7,500+ world-class experts in more than 40 countries and decades of experience working with prominent conglomerates, multinational corporations, and government institutions, we are well positioned to help clients keep abreast of the latest environmental trends and shape sustainability strategies to build competitive advantage.

ERM Korea supports South Korean conglomerates managing sustainability challenges in their overseas projects; in developing sustainability strategies and compliance assurance programs for their global operations; by drawing on the expertise of ERM's global network to help our South Korean Clients to understanding and manage sustainability challenges in whichever territory they operate. Similarly, South Korea's unique legislative structure and business culture can present significant challenges to overseas investors.

ERM's team of South Korean and international professionals based in Seoul are ideally suited to helping our global Clients to successfully navigate the South Korean business environment. ERM provides an unrivalled service offering for both local and international companies within the Korean peninsula.

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