This week, Verdantix once again named ERM a leading provider of Digital EHS Services - another indication of ERM’s strengthening position in leveraging digital and data to operationalize sustainability for organizations around the world.

We are now in the "decade of action" towards the 2030 target for the Sustainable Development Goals. Business must build greater resilience and develop a culture of innovation to accelerate the transformation as they plan for a future that involves integrating the management of sustainability risk and opportunity into their business strategy and performance.

The Verdantix 2020 Green Quadrant Digital EHS Services Report provides an independent benchmark of the strongest digital EHS service providers and explores how consultants are digitizing their approaches to project delivery, creating new services and implementing innovative technologies to help clients enhance and advance EHS performance.

ERM’s strong data analytics capabilities were highlighted in the areas of site remediation and redevelopment projects, fleet safety and industrial waste and wastewater projects. “Our services in this area allow clients to make faster, data-driven decisions to reduce environmental impacts, risk, and improve safety. By adopting a data-first mentality, we are helping clients realize the full value of their data” says Sammy Lakshmanan, ERM’s Global Head of Digital Services.

As guidance for buyers of digital EHS services, the report recommends ERM for companies desiring a partner that digitally supports most types of EHS projects, large or small, noting the depth and breadth of our technical capabilities. It also highlights ERM as a firm at the forefront of sustainability and an ideal partner for executives who view environmental, compliance and sustainability as strategic drivers.

We have made significant investments in our digital journey over the past year, which most recently includes the appointment of Gerard Spans as our Chief Information Officer. In this role, he will refine and deliver ERM’s Digital and IT strategy, aimed at strengthening the contribution of Digital and IT to the business, both internally and externally facing.

Quotation mark This report validates ERM’s strengthening position in the market and that the investments we’ve already made are having an impact. As the digital EHS services market normalizes, and we look to the next frontier of realizing the value of data for our clients as well as integrating the management of sustainability risk and opportunity into business strategy and performance, we can unlock a huge value associated with addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. Quotation mark

Gerard Spans


About the report

This report provides a detailed, fact-based comparison of the nine most advanced digital EHS service providers. Based on the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, the analysis is based on a two-hour interview with executives and practice leaders at each vendor, vendor responses to a 100-point questionnaire, interviews with executives and practice leaders at each vendor, and a survey of 301 EHS decision makers. The analysis finds that most influential vendors in the market have begun generating competitive leadership through acquisitions, partnerships and investments.
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