CEOs across the globe face a credibility gap as ESG and carbon targets abound but stakeholders perceive meaningful progress to be lacking. Companies direly need help turning their strategy into action to make tangible progress.

Increasing disclosure requirements globally further highlights this lack of progress and puts at risk enterprise value, access to capital, license to operate and competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, scientists report that greenhouse gas reductions before 2030 are much more effective in averting worst climate impacts than those after 2030. Operating assets present good near-term potential for companies to regain credibility by driving ESG and carbon performance improvements and also gain resource & cost efficiency. Journey to net zero begins with implementing proven technologies on operating assets.

Sustainable Operations is about applying 50 years of ERM’s foundational experience with traditional EHS compliance for operating facilities in the ESG and carbon paradigm to help companies drive ESG/carbon performance improvements, maintain compliance, operationalize strategy and disclose confidently. Our approach focuses on three key aspects:

  • ESG/Carbon Data Disclosures & Assurance: Digitally enabled ESG/carbon data aggregation, disclosure and assurance to a financial level of rigor as expected by investors, stakeholders and regulators. Science-based approaches rooted in 50 years of deep domain expertise across diverse and complex sustainability topics to drive up ESG data quality and performance improvements.
  • Management Systems, Compliance & Audits: With globally increasing regulatory requirements and corporate commitments around ESG and carbon, there is a dire need for companies to overhaul their existing EHS based management systems, compliance and auditing programs by leveraging regulatory intelligence technologies.
  • ESG/Carbon Performance Improvements & Business Transformation: Facility level assessments that inform bottom-up plans to achieve ESG/carbon targets that are grounded in realities of operations and business models. Program implementation that includes business processes and planning; workforce capacity and capability building; and project planning and execution.

Our Certification and Verification Services (CVS) can provide independent accredited 3rd party certification to standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.