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Photo credit: Christine Davis, United States

Every year ERM staff are seconded to work with leading organizations around the world. We look carefully for strategic opportunities that align with the issues that matter to our clients.

The benefits of secondment flow both ways. Organizations get access to ERM’s expertise and insights, we strengthen our networks and deepen relationships, and our people return with new knowledge and insights that they bring to our work for clients. For each strategic relationship, we carefully evaluate what we can contribute - and this includes through contribution of our expertise. Sometimes, this in the form of secondments where we place an ERM consultant into a partner organization for a period of time. We align these secondments to ERM expertise, our market drivers and where we believe we can add real value. These secondments typically involve working closely with our key clients on issues of collective interest where we can play a key role. We set aside a certain amount of our pro bono budget each year to support these secondments as we recognize the value to the partner organization, to ERM and to the individual involved. We have a structured process for supporting the secondee to ensure we get value all round.

Our secondments from FY21 include:

  • Linden Edgell, Global Sustainability Director, seconded part-time to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Vision 2050 team, on their Regional Engagement Program;
  • Correne Knollenberg, Senior Consultant, seconded to the COP26 Climate Champions Oil and Gas Sector team as Transformation Lead; and
  • Molly Iliffe, Principal Consultant, seconded to WBCSD working as the lead of their Sustainable Energy Supply work stream.

Additional secondments in this coming year include:

  • Karen Aitchison, Senior Partner (WBCSD Wellbeing project);
  • Nick Jackson, Senior Consultant (WBCSD CFO Network);
  • Technical Directors Piet Snoeck and Annette Nienhaus (WBCSD Hydrogen working group); and
  • Braulio Pikman, Technical Director (GHG Protocol).

As a climate champion for COP26, I play a key part in encouraging oil and gas companies to set net-zero targets grounded in science. Working at ERM presents far-reaching opportunities."

Correne Knollenberg

Senior Consultant, ERM

Correne Knollenberg

Senior Consultant, ERM