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Photo credit: Cecilia Corben, France

We collaborate with society’s most prominent changemakers in order to make a positive difference for business, for society and for the planet.

As a sustainability-focused company, we encourage our more than 5,500 consultants to share the lessons learned and insights gained from our work on more than 20,000 projects annually. In particular, we focus on those technical and professional skills that can have the greatest positive impact. This impact is driven not only by our work with clients, but notably by our work with a range of organizations with a common purpose: to shape a more sustainable future.

Over the past year, we adapted our methods to continue to support our partners through publishing thought leadership papers, playing an active role in professional associations and delivering hundreds of presentations at virtual conferences around the world. Below is a sampling of our major collaborations with multistakeholder organizations, which bring together a range of business, investor, civil society, academic and industry participants to achieve a common goal.