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Photo credit: ERM

At its heart, resilience is about surviving and thriving in the face of challenges in the short, medium and especially the long-term.

It has perhaps never been in the spotlight the way it has in dealing with a pandemic, major economic disruption and significant social unrest related to inequity and discrimination. Business resilience is an ability to anticipate and prepare for change, then adapt to circumstances in the manner that provides the greatest chance of thriving over the long-term. It is shaped by actions that companies choose to undertake, but it is also influenced by a range of external trends and developments.

The regulatory environment, the stability of the financial system, investor preferences, consumer behaviors and the pace of digital transformation are only a few examples of external forces that will determine how adaptive and resilient businesses are in the future. Our “boots to boardroom” approach to operationalizing sustainability at all levels of business helps us support clients as they manage pressing business priorities around resilience, while also being focused on the future.

ERM has been a trusted partner by companies in virtually every sector as they seek to address the internal and external factors affecting resilience, both in the context of COVID-19 and well before the pandemic. We help companies become more resilient by helping them better understand their supplier base, conduct safety audits, identify climate-related and other ESG risk areas, develop training and information technology (IT) systems, and implement mitigation measures.