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ERM’s comprehensive approach to sustainability is embedded in our corporate strategy with a stated purpose: to shape a sustainable future with the world’s leading organizations.

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A working group of ERM’s Executive Committee provides strategic leadership on sustainability and reports via the CEO to ERM's Board of Directors.

Working Group members include our Group CEO; the Global Director of Services, Brand and Communications; our Group Human Resources Director; and the Regional CEO for Latin America and the Caribbean, with facilitation by the Global Sustainability Director.

The working group is responsible for identifying the material topics that are most important to ERM as a business. For each topic, we set a long-term goal and annual targets. The working group, along with the full Executive Committee, monitors progress against these goals and targets, and publishes performance results in our annual Sustainability Report.

For some of the sustainability targets, such as the Safety AT ERM score and Diversity, Equity, Equality and Inclusion Plans, performance is considered in determining senior management annual performance targets and bonuses. The performance of our overall sustainability program is one of the targets and bonus considerations for our Director of Services, Brand and Communications, who also serves ERM’s Executive Committee.

A Senior Leadership Team of senior operational and technical leaders from across the business provides oversight and guidance on the implementation plan to meet our public commitment to net-zero and science-based targets.

Our sustainability governance model

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