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Photo credit: Bruce Rabe, United States

At ERM, we know that employee engagement is crucial for successfully implementing our sustainability program.

Our program is supported by a voluntary Sustainability Network of more than 200 employees across over 40 countries and territories. The network mirrors our operational organization with representatives at regional, business unit and office levels.

Members of the network are drawn from all ERM employees to ensure that as many perspectives as possible are included, and this in turn strengthens ownership of outcomes. The Sustainability Network helps drive improvements in our sustainability performance and embeds sustainability into the way we operate as a business. The network also supports other related initiatives in the business including Global Inclusion Week and Global Safety Day.

Key areas of focus for the network include:

  • Engagement: engaging employees in programs that connect them to the business of sustainability and drive internal performance. Examples of these include Global Goals Week and International Coastal Clean-up.
  • Performance: contributing to the development of each country or business unit Sustainability Action Plans (SAP) to help ERM meet our public commitments on sustainability, and identifying local priorities that feed into each SAP.
  • Reporting: supporting the collection of sustainability data for internal and external reporting for our Sustainability Report.

During the past year, we have adapted to different ways of work as the pandemic has spread around the world. For example, each year we ask the network to lead local engagement around Earth Day and Global Goals week. We designed this year’s activities to be undertaken at home or in a physical office as many employees were working remotely. In addition to virtual challenges, we have encouraged more use of video calls with the network in each region, which has helped to maintain a sense of connection during prolonged periods of lockdown.