YPF, a leading energy company, sought to enhance transparency and provide stakeholders with a clearer view of their environmental and carbon data. To achieve this, they initiated a project to replace their collection system, which was technologically obsolete and Excel-based, with a cloud-based solution. This new system would enable them to configure, modify and automate their entire environmental data tracking process, while also offering a platform that could adapt to their expanding business needs.


  • Improve key performance indicators (KPIs) in sustainability
  • Increase transparency for audit trails and provide more reliable data for stakeholders and investors
  • Effectively aggregate environmental emissions related to waste & water management and biodiversity data into a single repository
  • Transition from a manual process with separated data streams to an automated and unified reporting solution


SpheraCloud Corporate Sustainability (SCCS)

YPF selected SCCS as their solution of choice. SCCS helps businesses respond to multiple ESG reporting frameworks, comply with new regulations, conduct complex emissions calculations and gain insights that can improve corporate sustainability performance.

Sphera and ERM collaborated with YPF–first in the design process, to ensure that the solution was configured specifically for their requirements.

Leveraging ERM’s deep expertise in sustainability and local regulations and Sphera’s flexible platform, YPF launched their digital transformation. ERM also completed the implementation in Spanish, providing peace of mind through their local presence.

After implementation, ERM provided change management support that helped YPF transition to new data collection and validation processes. ERM trained the YPF team and optimized the processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Quotation mark Working with Sphera and ERM has been a game-changer for our sustainability efforts. The transformation into an integrative solution for tracking our environmental parameters has increased transparency with stakeholders and provided insights to drive performance towards our improvement in water management, non-GHG emissions, and waste generation. Quotation mark

Victoria Travetto

Project Implementation Leader, YPF


SCCS has streamlined YPF’s environmental data collection and analysis process, taking it from a manual, 15-day collection period to an automated process across 150 sites. This allows them to achieve more reliable results for future sustainability reports. Additionally, each YPF stakeholder has a customized dashboard tailored to their role and location. With comprehensive support and training from ERM, the YPF team can effectively manage their data and shift their focus from collection to analysis. The journey with Sphera and ERM has enabled YPF to improve data transparency and demonstrate greater progress toward their sustainability goals and net zero.

  • Shift focus from data collection to analysis by reducing data collection time from 15 days to 1
  • Cost savings by reducing data collection time and transitioning from external consultants to in-house teams
  • Improved data quality by using up-to-date or local emission and conversion factors
  • Better tracking of progress to newly set environmental performance targets
  • Improved confidence in providing reliable, validated information to stakeholders with 300 newly trained users
  • Traceable protocol that can be updated while maintaining historical methods