ERM CEO Keryn James has been appointed as one of three Vice-Chairs of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)’s Executive Committee.

Keryn’s appointment was announced at the WBCSD Annual General Meeting this week, along with Ana Botín (Executive Chairman, Banco Santander), Alan Jope (CEO, Unilever) and Ilham Kadri (CEO, Solvay). Sunny Verghese (Co-Founder and Group CEO, Olam International) remains Chair until the end of his mandate on 31 December 2021.

WBCSD’s Executive Committee is responsible for supervising the strategy and monitoring the effectiveness of operations, controls and governance of WBCSD.

In addition to the appointment of the Vice Chairs, five new members have been appointed to join the Executive Committee. In order to strengthen the diversity of backgrounds and experience represented in WBCSD’s ExCo, the Committee’s Charter was updated to allow for up to 23 members to be appointed, up from 18 in the past and 22 last year. The appointment was enacted by a vote from members at the 2020 Annual General Meeting of WBCSD, held online today. Their term will begin on 1 January 2021 for a duration of two years.

Speaking on her appointment, Keryn James said: “It is an honor to be appointed as one of the WBCSD Executive Committee Vice-Chairs, recognizing the contribution ERM makes in addressing the sustainability challenges of our time. ERM has been actively involved in WBCSD since we joined as a founding member in 1995. In the 25 years since we have seen significant change in the attention placed on sustainability by the world’s leading businesses. We are proud to continue this leadership role with WBCSD in this Decade of Action.”

Peter Bakker, WBCSD’s President and CEO said: “It’s an honor to welcome our new colleagues to the Executive Committee. Their broad, impressive and varied international business experience will undoubtedly be of added value to WBCSD. Their insights, advice and guidance can only help further WBCSD’s mission, vision and strategy during these uncertain times. Their know-how across various industries will be valuable in helping WBCSD and our members navigate the COVID-19 crisis and add renewed impetus to our key objective of accelerating the just transition to a sustainable world.”

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